Friday, September 27, 2013

Bristol Fashion Week

It's fashion week at The Mall this week and the South West bloggers network blogged some of the John Lewis fashions that I helped select and style with Ray Gaddis of Fashion Live. Theme of the scene was all about dark winter florals and winter colours.... Purple and teals.

Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Friday and time for some new nail art.

I've been on holiday this week so took all my polish off at the weekend and gave my nails a little 'au natural' treat for a few days, however I'm off to the Beauty Show at Olympia this Sunday so couldn't possibly go without some really good nails.

I know they still need a little more clean up but by the end of the day they'll be good!

Earlier in the day I did one of my clients nails for her hen weekend, the theme was black and pink.

Friday, September 13, 2013

How the other half live!

The other part of my life, when not doing nails, is my full time job, although with just over 20 weeks to go it won't be long before I'm entirely dependant on the nail business - eek! Anyway last night my personal styling team did a fashion workshop at Swinhay House, a multi million pound house in Gloucestershire - amazing I have never been anywhere quite so impressive, we had such fun and were able to have a good nose around!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Been busy!

I've been very busy since returning from holiday but have managed to squeeze some nail art in!  The photos probably aren't fantastic but you'll get the idea.

These were my first attempt at checks and have had an amazing response from some of my customers and colleagues at work.  The technique is to paint the whole nails white, then using a striping brush paint the outlines and then fill using a dotting tool.  These are Gellux and were cured after each step which makes for a much cleaner and quicker finish.  If you use normal polish each step needs to be properly dry after each step.

After my black and white nails the other week I thought I'd have one last really summery manicure using the same technique, but I then put No. 17 Graffiti over the top and then sealed with Gellux extra shiney top coat, again, loads and loads of comments.  This is hard to achieve with normal polish as it dries too quickly.

These amazing nails are from the book Nail Art by Helena Biggs and I think will be my inspiration for my next set, probably week after next,  going to have polish free week next week (off work and major dental operation mean I won't be out and about very much!) and my nails could do with a week of TLC!