Monday, April 22, 2013

Another set of new nails for a Sunday night out!

Not sure why my erratic social life only seems to happen on a Sunday these days. Spring was in the air on Saturday when I painted these hence the lovely Barry M Gelly colours.

Really easy to do mani that doesn't take very long, you just need 6 or 7 colours that clash a bit but overall work together, a thick end dotting tool and clean up brush, paint your base colour (pink here) and then dot the other colours across. Clean up and finish with two or three coats of topcoat. I'm going to try this with a glitter/Metallic colour pallet next week.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New nails for a Sunday night out.

Having done what I always try not to - do horse related things without gloves - I chipped my manicure grrr.

So all the sunshine made me think of girly pink. Nails Inc Brompton Place was just the colour, goldeneye by Opi with a gold flake provided the 3D gold effect. Just to toughen it up a little I put Barry M multi glitter black on accent nails.

Going to wear very pared down black pencil skirt, grey Whistles sweat, wedge trainers and some OTT jewellery this evening.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This weeks manicure.

Felt like having a much plainer manicure this week ( last weeks was a graduated neon leopard print).

The main colour is Barry M Greenberry gelly with Nails Inc Porchester Square tips.

To get really good tips use plastic hole protectors stuck onto the nail as a guide. You can also use these to get great half moons at the bottom of your nails.